mine is green

Since it was created, Mine Boutique Hotel has implemented environmentally friendly policies in order to become an eco- friendly hotel. Those policies where recognized by the Argentinean Tourism Ministry with the award "Directrices" from sustainable development.

Those are some of our sustainable policies:

– Membership in “green” programs such as “Environmentally-Friendly-Hotels”.

_ Actions taken in conjunction with Buenos Aires’ Government.

_ Reusing hotel towels: we invite our guests to reuse towels, thus saving water and energy on daily wash, often unnecessary.

– Energy saver keycard switches, which allow important savings in energy.

– Rechargeable dispensers for shampoo and shower gel, to avoid having to dispose of individual containers.

– Light sensors in corridors and stairs, so that lights will be off when not needed.

– Sorting of reusable waste, that is donated to the “El Ceibo” Cooperative.

– Donations of slippers, bed sheets, and towels to charity.

– Handing over of used cooking oil to the Government of the City, that then reuses it to manufacture fuels.

– Use of lasting and biodegradable products, to avoid the use of disposable elements.

– Maintenance according to conservationist standards, avoiding waste of natural resources such as water and energy through malfunctions in toilets, faucets, electrical appliances, etc.

– No Smoking policy in hotel rooms and common areas.

– Promotion of our commitment with the environment via our communication channels (webpage, email).